Wrongful Death Falls Hip Fracture
Wrongful Death Falls Hip Fracture

Wrongful Death Falls and Fractures

According to the CDC writing about wrongful death falls, “falls among adults 65 and older caused over 36,000 deaths in 2020, making it the leading cause of injury death for that group.”

Most Falls are Preventable

Falls are often preventable in the context of elder care if proper policies and procedures are followed to ensure proper assessment of fall risks and the subsequent safety interventions. Caution during transfers from bed to wheelchair and to toilet and shower is critical. The most common cause of hospitalization after a fall is from a head injury or hip fracture. Falls are also the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).

Get Accountability for Wrongful Death Falls

To establish a claim for the death after a fall injury it must be established that the care provider had a duty to prevent the risk of falls and breached their duty (this is usually done through expert testimony by independent experts). It is then necessary to establish that the negligence is the cause of the death (usually done by an expert doctor or coroner). Meeting these elements the attorney can give the required affidavit of expert review and begin litigation if needed. The issue becomes the damages which is the loss to the family. It is essential the relationships between the next of kin and deceased and well documented to maximize the potential for recovery.

Contact and Experienced Attorney

If you have concerns about any fall or fracture that lead to the death contact attorney Kenneth LaBore for a free consultation to discuss you questions and options at 612-743-9048 or by email at KLaBore@MNnursinghomeneglect.com.

Wrongful Death Falls
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