Minnesota Wrongful Death Attorney
Minnesota Wrongful Death Attorney

Minnesota Wrongful Death Lawyer

Get Accountability – Wrongful Death Attorney Kenneth L. LaBore is a top rated Minnesota Attorney with decades of proven results in holding negligent wrongdoers accountable. Mr. LaBore practices in the areas medical malpractice, wrongful death, catastrophic injuries, assisted living, nursing home and other elder abuse and neglect cases.  Mr. LaBore has a history advocating on behalf of the injured, vulnerable and elderly holding hospitals, nursing homes, corporations and other organizations accountable when they fail to provide proper care.

Minneapolis Minnesota Wrongful Death Lawyer Kenneth LaBore
Minneapolis Minnesota Wrongful Death Attorney Kenneth LaBore

Decades of Proven Results

Mr. LaBore has handled hundreds of wrongful death cases against negligent corporations and medical care providers throughout the state.  Wrongful death cases are often medical malpractice and may complicated medical histories of the deceased. Issues like, life expectancy, income, support issues, and other concerns such as product liability, punitive damage components, large medical bills and liens and multiple defendants can may all need to be evaluated consulting with experts.

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Minnesota Wrongful Death Attorney Kenneth LaBore