Wrongful Death Wandering Elopement
Wrongful Death Wandering Elopement

Lack of Supervision for Vulnerable Residents

Wrongful death wandering elopement. When there is not proper monitoring of supervision of vulnerable residents or patients they can due to cognitive issues or medications they are on get seriously injured when they get confused or lost or leave without notice.

Serious Injury or Death Can Occur

When someone wanders they can find themselves in a variety of hazards they are no longer able to navigate such as stairwells, the outdoor weather cold and elements, ponds, streets, woods and brush areas, physical or sexual assault and other risks.

We have handled cases where people have frozen to death, drown, been hit by cars, fallen with serious injuries and other tragic events. The common theme is a vulnerable person who needed careful supervision was not monitored and a foreseeable injuiryu occurred which can be neglect.

According to the CDC in the United States, discussing wandering and safety. The primary reasons for wandering included: enjoyment of running or exploring; to get to a place he or she enjoys (like a pond); to get out of a situation that causes stress (for example, being asked to do something at school or getting away from a loud noise); to go see something interesting (for example, running to the road to see a road sign). Although many examples of dangerous wandering have focused on children with ASD, we know that challenges with communication, social interaction, attention, and learning can put many children and youth with developmental disabilities at risk for becoming lost or injured due to wandering.

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