Minnesota Wrongful Death Lawyer Privacy Statement and Disclaimer
Minnesota Wrongful Death Lawyer Privacy Statement and Disclaimer

Privacy Statement and Disclaimer MNwrongfuldeathlaw.com

Privacy statement and disclaimer. I collect the name and address and contact information only. I collect this information for the limited purpose of contacting the party who sends the inquiry if necessary and only if they desire. I do not transfer information to third parties or third-party companies. A person can opt out of my collection of their contact information by sending an inquiry without your name or address. I am a lawyer with the singular goal of assisting my clients, I do not share, sell or gather information or data for other purposes.

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By contacting Attorney Kenneth L. LaBore from MNwrongfuldeathlaw.com, neither party is obligated in any way to conduct business together. There is no attorney client relationship created by contacting Kenneth L. LaBore. There is no cost in contacting attorney Kenneth L. LaBore.

We provide the option to opt-out by contacting us at KLaBore@MNnursinghome.com or by phone at 612-743-9048.

Although efforts are made to be accurate each situation is different and information provided in this website is not to be relied upon as legal advice.

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