New Minnesota Wrongful Death Law
New Minnesota Wrongful Death Law

Justice is Now Possible for Neglect Death Claims

Accountability finally, after years of advocating there is finally a NEW MINNESOTA WRONGFUL DEATH LAW. Prior to the passing on May 19, 2023, there was no survivorship for pain and suffering claims of the victim of the neglect. A person could die the most prolonged and painful death from injuries due to an accident or neglect and the responsible party was legally liable for suffering they caused.

Pain and Suffering are Now Part of a New Minnesota Wrongful Death Law

According to the newly modified statute, Minn. Stat. 573.02 the recovery in the action is the amount the jury deems fair and just for all damages suffered by the decedent resulting from the injury prior to the decedent’s death and the pecuniary loss resulting from the death, and shall be for the exclusive benefit of the surviving spouse and next of kin, proportionate to the pecuniary loss severally suffered by the death. The court then determines the proportionate pecuniary loss of the persons entitled to the recovery and orders distribution accordingly. Funeral expenses and any demand for the support of the decedent allowed by the court having jurisdiction of the action, are first deducted and paid. Punitive damages may be awarded as provided in section 549.20.

The New Minnesota Wrongful Death Law Protects Victims

Hire an experienced wrongful death attorney who has handled hundreds of wrongful death cases for Minnesotan families. It is essential that the supporting evidence is documented in the medical records, expert reports and other related documents and testimony to establish the necessary elements of the claims for pain and suffering and emotion distress. Hire an attorney that knows how hold negligent parties accountable and maximize recovery to the family.

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